Top 60 free Outdoor backgrounds for manipulation

Top 60 free Outdoor Manipulation backgrounds

hey guys here is the top backgrounds for outdoor can use these for your photo editing & manipulation as well.i am sharing these with my drive can download & use these backgrounds.some editors use these background for CB can make these background like CB backgrounds.simple way to make CB you can blur these by blur and then color grade it.


its some unique background which have collected by some websites.its very important for the photographers which is trying to make manipulation and cd should download and make your editing work perfect.

Method to use :

you can use full background or a half background by cutting it.there is many way to use it if you have skill to match the background and subject to match highlight and these background some have beautiful sky you can cut in photo shop and use in your editing work.some can use in posters & some can you in your brand banner.i frequently use these in manipulations.

Download Method

1st Method : you can click on the background image on website.then you have the option that save click this option and save the image on your mobile or computer or laptop.then you can use in photo shop pic art and any other editor.but in way you lose some pixels of these try 2nd method if you want full hd images

2nd Method :

in this method you can can click on the download option and then download these backgrounds from my drive and enjoys these.there is all background available here.


so guy i hope learn some thing from this article and your editing work will be so can follow me on instagram and facebook and check my work there.

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