Photoshop Poster Design Tutorials for Brands | Indoor Studio Editing Urdu Hindi

Changing Studio Background

in this video i m telling about that how can you change indoor photo can you make banner for brand.if you are shoot in studio then how can you make poster look in editing.which method i am using in this video is very easy and simple.background and PNG files which i used in this video i am sharing can download and make your editing beginner to high is the video :


now here is the background which i use for photo.i just change my backdrop to a background.
which is looking so cool & make my photo very adorable and look better.this background can be used for the photo in which you are showing about your love with the music.i did this photo shoot at my home made studio on a gray wall which i changed in photo shop very easy.

PNG Text files

if you write anything on your photo it look very good but if its a some line and write it in very good fount its look very i am uploading these png files so you can download and use in your photos.

 Download Method

you can download these png text file by write click on this png file and click on save will save on your computer or mobile then you can use it very easily.

Some Alternative Backgrounds

here is some alternative backgrounds which you can use with your photo compatibility.if your photo not match with background which i used then you can use these backgrounds.they will help you to make better photo.

Alternative Text PNG

here is the alternative Text File which you can use for your photos if the png file i used in my editing is not matching with your can download it easily with clicking on it :

Without Edit Image

Download this image for your can download it and then you should download all background and png text file and then edit in your photo shot so that you can make your photo  in better way.

Photo With Editing

you should take idea on this photo that how its made and how can i should see the color grading and writing size and photo size which i used in my photo,

i am very thank full to you for coming on my the images free and share with your frieds.
Thanks & bye.


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