night photography Sony a6400 image Quality Test in Wedding and Portrait & Photo Studio Photography in Day & Night

sony a6400 is a Nikon high-end mirrorless camera that is best for all types of photography. we tested sony a6400 in portrait photography in harsh sunlight. we tested sony a6400 mirrorless in outdoor fashion photography. we tested this mirrorless camera in very low light on wedding photography. many wildlife photographers use this camera for their I am also a wedding photographer I also want to buy a sony a6400 for wedding photography. so that's why I tested the sony if you watch this full video you will be clear that how much results provide sony a6400.

Night Photoshoot Test 

so we want to test the sony a6400 in harsh sunlight. so we went on a photoshoot at 11'o clock. there was very harsh sunlight which was bad for photography. so we used 2 flashlights to cover the shadows of sunlight. so 1 flashlight was godox ad600bm and the second was godox tt600 flash. we also used godox x pro trigger to manage flashlights. we also used a sigma 85mm 1.4 art series lens. so we used both lights at the sides of the object. there were lights on full spedd.we also increase the shutter speed of the camera at the maximum level.



Camera Setting While Testing

you can get the best result from the camera if you use the right camera settings. if you do not know the camera setting you do not get the best result with an expensive camera. so the camera setting is very important par while testing sony a6400. I used lense at 1.4 so it is the best choice aperture to test the sony a6400.

  • shutter speed was 1\8000
  • aperture  f 1.4
  • iso was 100
  • white balance was on the kelvin at 4500
  • picture style was on portrait
  • active daylight was on high
  • autofocus was on a single point

Tested Pic in Night

Tested Pic in Night

Gears Used For Test

it's very important to use the right gears to test the camera. if I do not have the best lens so picture quality will be poor so the blame will be on the camera. so I used the best lens & flashlight to test the sony a6400. we can not get the best quality with a kit lens, so do not test any camera with a kit a6400 is a mirrorless camera but the lense was DSLR compatible so we also used a ftz adaptor

Gears :
  • sony a6400
  • sigma 85mm 1.4 art
  • Nikon ftz adaptor
  • godox a600 bm speed light
  • godox tt600 flashlight
  • godox xpro trigger
  • octa box
  • 60*60 softbox

Tested Pic in Night

Tested Pic in Night

Tested Features & marks

  • iso range:  10\10
  • color tone:  9\10
  • white balance:  9\10
  • background blur:  10\10
  • bokeh effect:  10\10
  • grains coverage:  10\10
  • highlights & shadows detail:  10\10
  • autofocus:  10\10
  • jpeg quality: 9\10
  • continuous shooting speed: 10\10
  • depth of field:  10\10
  • live view photography:  9\10
  • eye tracking:  10\10
  • flashlight photography: 10\10
  • HDR mode: 10\10
  • Touch Screen Focus: 9\10
  • sharpness: 10\10
  • image stabilization: 9\1

sony a6400 Key Features

  • Sensor: 24.5 MP FX BSI Sensor, 5.9ยต pixel size
  • Sensor Size: 35.9 × 23.9mm
  • Resolution: 6048 × 4024
  • Native ISO Sensitivity: 100-51,200
  • Boost ISO Sensitivity: 50 (LO) 102,400-204,800 (HI)
  • In-Body Image Stabilization: 5-Axis
  • RAW Formats: 24.5 MP (RAW), 13.7 MP (mRAW), 6.1 MP (sRAW)
  • Processor: EXPEED 6
  • Dust Reduction: Yes
  • Weather Sealing/Protection: Yes
  • Body Build: Full Magnesium Alloy
  • Shutter: 1/8000 – 30 seconds
  • Shutter Durability: 200,000 cycles, self-diagnostic shutter
  • Storage: 1× XQD slot
  • Viewfinder: 3.69 Million Dot OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Viewfinder Coverage: 100%
  • Viewfinder Magnification: 0.8×
  • Speed: 12 FPS (only 12-bit RAW, no AE), 9 FPS (14-bit RAW, no AE), 5.5 FPS with AE
  • Built-in Flash: No
  • Autofocus System: Hybrid PDAF, 273 Focus Points
  • AF Sensitivity Range: -3.5 to +19 EV (-6 to +19 EV with low-light AF)
  • LCD Screen: Touch-enabled 3.2″ Tilting LCD with 2.1 Million Dots
  • Slow Motion HD Video: Yes
  • Movie Modes: 4K UHD @ 30 fps max
  • Movie Output: MOV, MP4
  • Movie Video Compression: H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding
  • HDMI Output: 10-bit 4:2:2 N-Log
  • Silent Photography Mode: Yes
  • Intervalometer: Yes
  • Focus Stacking: Yes
  • In-Camera HDR Capability: Yes
  • GPS: No
  • WiFi: Built-in
  • Bluetooth: Built-in
  • Battery Type: EN-EN15b
  • Battery Life: 310 shots (CIPA)
  • USB Standard: Type-C 3.1
  • Weather Sealing: Yes
  • Weight: 585 g (Body Only)
  • 134 × 100.5 × 67.5 mm (5.3 × 4.0 × 2.7″)
  • Price: $1,999.95

Tested Pic in Night

Tested Pic in Night

 sony a6400 Annoucment

The sony a6400 was declared in August 2018 close to the Z7 high goal. Both Z-series cameras have shown the organization's entrance into the market loaded with glasses without glasses, a camera class most Nikon shooters have been tensely anticipating for quite a long time. Be that as it may, it has consistently been an issue of "when," not "if" Nonon can fulfill the craving without glasses, as interest for such cameras stayed consistent and filling even notwithstanding the total breakdown of the camera market. The sony a6400 specifically - being more affordable than the two Z-cameras - is a basic piece of Nikon's tentative arrangements. Be that as it may, how does this camera clutch execution? Peruse on to discover… 

sony a6400 comparison

With other camera organizations, for example, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, and Leica previously having long stretches of involvement with mirrorless innovation, including favorable to grade cameras, Nikon's late appearance with the Z6 and Z7 was very invigorating. As we have found before, presenting another program is definitely not a simple undertaking; it typically takes a few ages of cameras to at long last enroll the majority, and time was not on Nikon's side. This time, the organization's Nikon 1 glassless cameras have filled in as an intense update that the new Z series cameras should be appropriately positioned available or probably they will in all likelihood bomb rapidly. 

Tested Pic in Night

Tested Pic in Night

Nikon's most impressive resources were its huge and steadfast crowd of F-mount DSLR clients, including in excess of 100 million Nikor focal points sold since the organization's commencement. In this way, it was significant that Nikon not just assembled a solid, progressed camera framework with no original mirrors yet, in addition, permitted the current Nikon F focal points to be utilized with no issues or significant restrictions. Besides, the new Z camera framework should be a demonstration of things to come in the following, not many years, if cameras without mirrors could at long last discover DSLRs.

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