( indoor beauty shots raw ) Sony a7iii Image Quality Test in Wedding Photography, Pre-Wedding Shoot, Candid Photography & Studio

 The Sony a7iii is one of the best "hybrid" shooters on the market, as it can shoot both exceptional photos and videos. Some of the a7iii's most attractive features include an excellent full-frame sensor, great low-light capabilities, strong autofocus performance, and very good video specs. Technically, the a7iii is considered part of Sony's "entry-level" range of cameras, but since the introduction of this camera, Sony has lived up to its promise to redefine what "entry-level" means. This full-frame mirrorless camera features a 24.2-megapixel back-illuminated sensor, as well as 93% autofocus coverage, in-body image stabilization, 10fps continuous shooting, and 4K video recording across the full width of the full-frame image sensor. The Sony a7iii is a household favorite in the PolarPro offices and our go-to camera when we're out and about. However, when we're out on our photography adventures, we need to bring more than just a camera with us to capture epic shots.

After investing in your new Sony a7iii, it is imperative that you want to protect it as best as possible. For this, we recommend the Easy cover silicone protective cover for your Sony a7iii. Effortlessly protects your camera from bumps and scratches, provides a secure grip, and offers a slim design and smooth texture of custom silicone material. Of course, there are plenty of third-party cases on the market, but for us, we like the durability and affordability that Easycover offers.

Tested Features of Sony a7iii

  1. slow-mo
  2. 4k video
  3. iso
  4. grains
  5. color tone
  6. W.B
  7. picture style
  8. blur
  9. bokeh
  10. low light
  11. picture quality
  12. touch screen
  13. auto light optimization
  14. burst shoot
  15. autofocus 
  16. Sharpness

Sony a7iii features a rating in Photography

  • iso range: 10\10
  • color tone: 9\10
  • white balance: 9\10
  • background blur: 10\10
  • bokeh effect: 10\10
  • grains coverage: 10\10
  • highlights & shadows detail: 10\10
  • autofocus: 10\10
  • jpeg quality: 9\10
  • continuous shooting speed: 10\10
  • depth of field: 10\10
  • live view photography: 9\10
  • eye tracking: 10\10
  • flashlight photography: 10\10
  • HDR mode: 10\10
  • Touch Screen Focus: 9\10
  • sharpness: 10\10
  • image stabilization: 9\10

Key features of Sony a7iii

  • 24MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor
  • BIONZ X image processor and front-end LSI
  • The 693-point hybrid AF system
  • UHD 4K30p video with HLG and S-Log3 Gammas
  • 2.36m-Dot Tru-Finder OLED EVF
  • 3.0" tiltable touch LCD display with a resolution of 922,000 dots
  • 5-axis SteadyShot stabilization INSIDE
  • ISO 204800 and 10 fps shooting
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, two SD slots
  • USB Type-C port, weatherproof design

Protecting the back screen of your Sony a7iii is also a must when it comes to keeping your camera in pristine condition. Just like your phone's screen, it can be frustrating to get an unwanted scratch or scratch on your touchscreen, and the best way to avoid this problem is to put a protective glass on the back of your screen. Sony camera screens are notorious for bubbles forming around the edges under your screen, luckily there is a Sony a7iii accessory we recommend to help you solve this problem. The ExpertShield Glass Screen Protector is the perfect addition to the Sony a7iii as it reduces the worry of your glass screen bubbling under the screen protector. Since the Sony a7iii is a touchscreen display, the quality of performance can deteriorate quite quickly if proper protection is not used on it. As a result, the ExpertShield Glass Screen Protector works amazingly because it does not interfere with the functionality of the touchscreen and also has a lifetime warranty.



In addition to protecting your touchscreen, a strong lens cover is essential to protect against accidental damage. Our PolarPro Lens Defender was designed as a first line of defense against dirt, moisture and minor collisions. Compatible with most professional lenses on the market, our Defender lens hood features a dual-density construction that combines a hard, rigid lens plate with an easy-to-install flexible polymer outer. Our specially designed construction ensures a comfortable and secure fit compared to standard plastic lens caps and thin universal lens caps.

Sony cameras are known for their video capabilities and the a7iii is no different. The Sony a7iii is the perfect hybrid camera that we previously named as one of our favorite vlogging mirrorless cameras. In order to vlog, you need to have the right setup and a good microphone is an absolute must, as is one of our favorite Sony a7iii accessories. RODE is one of the leading competitors in the field of portable external microphones. Our favorite model for vlogging is the VideoMic Pro, which is a professional shotgun microphone. This external microphone is battery-powered, making it an easy addition to your vlogging setup without worrying about unnecessary cables. It also includes a good shock mount that reduces noise from the camera when attached to it. The RODE VideoMic Pro is what we think would be the perfect microphone for a vlogger who is always on the go or traveling.

The best memory cards for the Sony a7iii are the Sony SF-G UHS-II 64GB, which have a write speed of 299 MB/s and a read speed of 300 MB/s. Known as the "World's Fastest SD Card", Sony's SF-G series is designed for creators who want to record 4K video or shoot continuous high-resolution images. In addition to their incredible speed, SF-G cards are tempered, X-ray, shock, and water-resistant. Since the Sony a7iii has two memory card slots, we recommend picking up a few more of these cards to make sure you never run into a storage problem while you're out and about.



Since you'll more than likely be taking multiple SD cards with you on location, you'll definitely need something to hold them all so they don't get lost in the bottom of your camera bag. Fortunately, another option on our list of Sony a7iii accessories fixes this problem of disorganization. Our Slate memory card case is the perfect solution for carrying your SD memory cards and depending on the model you choose to buy, it can hold 12 to 24 memory cards. Thanks to the aluminum casting of the memory card case, the Slate Memory Card Case is sure to protect your stored content even in the most demanding conditions. In the SD edition of our Slate Case, you can store up to 24 cards, 16 MicroSD and 8 standards; while the QXD edition can store up to 12 memory cards, which includes 4 QXD, 4 StandardSD and 4 MicroSD. The Slate memory card case can inspire creativity when using your Sony a7iii. For example, when it's empty, the Slate is a blank palette to start creating content on; but when it's full, Slate offers peace of mind knowing the content you've captured is compiled in a premium, secure single place.



Another important Sony a7iii accessory is the SmallRig Camera Cage Kit. This rig is specially designed for Sony a7iii and Sony a7Riii cameras and includes 4 parts: Double End Ball Head 1135, a7Riii Cage 2087, Safety Rail 1409 and NATO Handle 1955. This SmallRig model is made for easy use like Cage 2087, does not block any access to the battery compartment, ports and camera slots, plus it comes with several threaded holes for external mounting. For example, this device would make it extremely easy for you to connect an external RODE microphone or even connect a monitor to realize your next video project. Many content creators these days are using their a7iii to turn it into a mini film rig, and with the SmallRig Camera Cage Kit you can become a legitimate videographer in no time.

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