(Outdoor) Bridal Photography without edit Pics, 7 Tips to improve Wedding Photography, Bridal Photoshoot, Pre Wedding Photoshoot, Candid Photoshoot

You have put a wonderful amount of work into planning your wedding. So, obviously you want to capture it in the best possible way. And while you trust your photographer, it is always wise to plan the photos you want most for your wedding. Creating a photography list and sharing it with your photographer is a win: it makes you sure you will find certain images you have imagined, and it makes your photographer's job easier, with working instructions. Not to mention, it gives them peace of mind knowing that you will be a happy client as long as the shooting list is followed.

Portraiture is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of photography. Today, almost everyone can practice this type of photography with their smartphone. With strong precision of easy access and social media platforms that enhance job sharing and the brightness of everyday life, it becomes natural to point and shoot.



Also known as direct photography, the beauty of photography is that it allows you to capture a person's personality. This can be done by standing, closing the eyes, and stirring up a real conversation. Professional photographers in this niche often photograph supermodels or celebrities on the red carpets or in the magazine catalog. In some cases, they also make graduation photos, family photos, and headshots of models and emerging actors.



To get a satisfying image, follow the top height tips from a professional and make sure you highlight the best features of your topic by playing with light, shadows, and distance.


Invitation, plan, special features, and gifts

Wedding rings

Wedding dresses/suits

Clothing items such as shoes, cuff links, or jewelry

Bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres




The bride (s) and the bridesmaids fix their hair and makeup

Happy wedding party

Photos of mother and bride/groom

Photos of father and bride/groom

Family photos




A couple alone to look at first

Bride (s) and flower bridesmaids

Bridegroom (s) and escort/ring holder

Local photos including event venue, flowers, interior, and exterior details

The bride and groom are waiting inside the venue


Wedding party entry

The bride (s) go up and down

The groom's reaction

Father/mother taking out the bride

Exchange of vows

Exchange of rings

First kiss as a married couple and the next moment

Signing a marriage certificate

Recessional (couple walks back up the isle)

Throwing Confetti




Couples and bridesmaids

Couple with the whole wedding ceremony

Bride/brides and bridesmaids/celebrity girlfriend

Bridegroom (s) and bridesmaid/husband leading

A couple with any children

Couples with each set of parents

Couples with two sets of parents

Married with siblings

A couple with close family members




Details and pictures for room decoration, including table settings, place cards, favorites, central items, etc.

Photo details of wedding cake

Great entry

Toasts and lectures

Cutting the cake

The first dance

The bride dances with her father/son-in-law dancing with her mother

Couples mingle with guests

The guests are dancing

Artists, artists, DJ

Great exit

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