how to make real bokeh & blur effect in photoshop in urdu hindi

How to make Real Bokeh & Blur Effect in Photoshop

in this blog i m telling about that how you can create real blur on your photos.
On the off chance that you need a particular search for your should ace the procedure of shading evaluating.Don't simply acclimate it.learn and ace it. The change or move in hues will give you the impact you want. In like manner,  with shading evaluating.your group of onlookers will almost certainly comprehend and translate your picture better. in this way can find that how photo shop works.Shading evaluating is particularly valuable in the event that you need to make a temperament like impact.its best method for color grading.Shading Grading With Light room and Photoshop .In the event that you are shading evaluating out of the blue.  you'll find that there are distinctive methods for doing this. You can utilize Adobe programs or run with any outsider this way you can create more bokeh on the off chance that you need huge amounts of free instructional exercises and assistance from the online network, go for the most well known decisions Light room or Photoshop.It may not be as far reaching and amazing as Adobe Photoshop, however Light room is similarly as great and will give you the impacts you want, as long as you probably are aware how to utilize it well.

Image For Practice

here is the image which i made in photo shop.i m uploading here for your practice.if you want to practice of this effect you can download it and made it better.i simply set the the highlights & shadows of my pic.then i clean my face then i make a selection and then i apply blur on my photo.i this way i did my photo blur.then i create bokeh on my picture with the field you know field blur make very better you should make and send to me so that i can see how did i present it that you made.

Edited Image

its is the image which i made.this the image which have bokeh and blur just download it get idea.then you should start your editing then you can make a best this photo i create good bur.

Text Png

its very famous png file for you photos.its attitude work.i will make your work very can download it by clicking on the save button and save it will be the very good for your can apply on your photo and then you apply on lighten color it will be show its perfect color.

thanks for coming on my article.i will be very help full to you and your editing work.if you like share with your family and friends.


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